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For firms looking for an affordable solution that retains the flexibility, strength, and capabilities that create a collaborative supply chain environment, Zemeter is here.

Zemeter delivers collaborative supply chain planning capabilities in a familiar Microsoft-based software environment. It provides support for collaborative sales and demand management, inventory and supply planning across all supply chain dimensions: Plan, Source, Make and Deliver. Zemeter is role-based, affording each user access to the features and Supply Chain Business Knowledge™ that support his or her unique contribution to the team.

Zemeter Differentiators

Affordability: Zemeter is built with Microsoft components and offers a completely open architecture. This translates into a cost of ownership that is affordable, even as your business changes.

Business Knowledge Repository (BKR): Zemeter’s BKR provides an efficient mechanism to capture and share knowledge throughout the organization. Zemeter considers organizational learning in the implementation of technology, and is built to support knowledge sharing across the company.

Prescriptive Implementation Methodology: Zemeter implementation provides a detailed ‘road-map’ for implementing both technology and business process improvements.

Zemeter is more affordable, configurable, and comprehensive. It approaches the supply chain management problem intuitively. Zemeter: Bringing the advantages of Supply Chain Planning to Companies of All Sizes.

Now more than ever, supply chain planning makes sense™.

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